A new model for the Villa

Visitors to Chedworth have to engage their imaginations to understand this special place. Visualising this grand working home when so little remains, is not easy. We help with guided tours and audio guides, but one of the simplest aids that help visitors connect to this past is our 3D model, a sculpture showing what we think the buildings would have looked like at the height of their opulence in the 4th Century.
This is used by schools and day visitors but can get very crowded. We wanted to commission a second, portable model which we could set up to help manage this congestion, that could also be used in our evening lecture series or other events. It's such an important part of understanding Chedworth, we wanted to make sure everyone can access it and thanks to a donation of £1000 from the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire National Trust Centre, we now have that second model.
The new model was commissioned from the artist and sculptor Alan Dun, who produced the original undecorated resin hares around Cirencester. 
He worked in the rain and the freezing cold to take a mould of our original model. It was sectioned into a rectangular shaped landscape and is light-weight enough to sit in a carrying case that can be taken on outreach or out around the site.


             Coming Up at the Villa in 2017 -  the 'Big Dig' - Monday 14th. -  Thursday 31st August.


Martin Papworth and his team of volunteers are at Chedworth excavating in the North Range this August. This is the final dig of a five-year plan and is running for three weeks. A chance to witness Roman history being unearthed!

                   Art and Sculpture Exhibition   Saturday 9th. September - Sunday 8th. October


This is the third Art & Sculpture Exhibition we've held at Chedworth. Volunteers are hard at work co-ordinating with artists so that the work on display is sympathetic to 'Spirit of Place'.

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