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 News from Lodge Park

On Wednesday 28th February from 1.30pm Adam Henson, farmer and presenter on BBC Countryfile, will be joining the Lodge Park team for a nature talk and tea.  This will be the first in a series of events, with a nature talk followed by a traditional afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes and scones.  Adam will be talking about his life on the farm and rare breed conservation, as well as his life in the media.


Outings are arranged for the benefit and enjoyment of Centre Members and their guests only.

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                                                          Centre Coach Outings

              The following report is by David Cooke, our Coach Outings Organiser

After three years of organising Coach Outings for the Centre, I find that I am running short of National Trust venues to visit within a reasonable day‘s journey. I have therefore started to consider visits to privately owned properties of which there are a great number from which to choose. The downside is that, as we do not have free entry to privately owned properties, as we do for the National Trust ones. The charges for visits to private properties will be higher than perhaps to which we have become accustomed. Increased charges for the coach will also affect the overall charge for Outings. Against this background, I have nevertheless tried to keep charges as low as possible. I have also introduced some initiatives such as a visit to an interesting town followed by a visit to a nearby property and on one occasion in the Summer including a lunch at a nearby hotel before visiting a National Trust which, unusually, does not offer refreshments for visitors. The day visit to Wells in October was very well received and I have consequently planned to end the 2018 season with a trip to Winchester which, arguably, has even more attractions than Wells!
I and I know our Committee, much value the support Members give to Outings and I very much hope that you will continue to give us your usual support in 2018. 

Outings for 2018 - I must first apologise, that to the original List of Outings for 2018 I have had to make some alterations which include one cancellation. The current - and I hope - final list is as follows;

Basildon Park (NT) scheduled for March. I apologise again, that this Outing has also been cancelled, as the Property informed us that they cannot cope with a coach party in what for them is ”Easter fortnight. Unfortunately, there is no other date in March that Adris and I can manage.

Syon House (Duke of Northumberland) This Outing has also been cancelled as the cost of the coach and entry to Syon House would — in my opinion - be too high at this stage, but we might consider it again for next year: please tell me your views.

Instead, I have arranged a visit to Uppark (NT), Wednesday 25th April, a delightful Georgian House in West Sussex with an 18th century garden in process of being restored. Members will doubtlessly recall the devastating fire that occurred at Uppark in 1969 all traces of which have been removed in a brilliant restoration. There is the usual café and shop in the House.

The National Memorial Arboretum, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, Thursday 24th May. The Arboretum is run by the British Legion who does not charge an entry fee but welcomes a donation towards the upkeep of the Arboretum. The Arboretum covers a large area which contains many memorials to the dead of two World Wars and other conflicts since then. The memorials, many of which contain the names of the fallen, are in themselves notable works of art. We hope - depending on the on the traffic - to arrive early enough to attend the short daily remembrance service in the Chapel. There is a ”Land Train (charge)• for easy movement around the Arboretum and there is also a café, restaurant, and shop.

Ledbury and Eastnor Castle, Tuesday 19th June. Ledbury is a charming market town in Herefordshire with a range of interesting shops and variety of eating places where we can obtain lunch before proceeding to nearby Eastnor Castle, a mock nineteenth century Castle now owned by James Hervey-Bathurst and his family. The castle is built in the style of a medieval castle, but with a series of magnificent rooms including an outstanding Drawing Room designed by Augustus Pugin for the then Lord Somers. There is a shop and refreshment facilities.

The booking forms for the outings to Uppark, The National Memorial Arboretum and to Ledbury and Eastnor Castle are in the February newsletter and can also be accessed here:

Uppark.pdf     Memorial Arboretum.pdf     Ledbury_Eastnor.pdf

                                               Further outings for 2018 are:

                                    West Wycombe Park (NT) (to include lunch) Wednesday 25th July

                                        Dudmaston (NT) Thursday 23rd August

                                        Waddesdon (NT) Tuesday 25th September

                                        Winchester City Wednesday 17th October

                                                    David Cooke, Outings Organiser


Please Note - The following comments apply to future Centre Holidays and Outings  


Members should be aware that all Centre Outings and Holidays include a substantial amount of walking, indoors and out, and that seating is not always immediately available. In most buildings visited there are steps and stairs to negotiate to reach higher or lower levels of the buildings concerned. Most properties visited are old, and floors can be uneven and passages dark and narrow. Out of doors, particular care should be taken when viewing gardens, particularly if the weather is inclement when normally safe surfaces, especially steps, can become slippery. Particular care should be taken when near to water (lakes, ponds, water features etc.) and bridges over water where banks may be unstable and slippery. Where handrails are provided they should be used for going upwards as well as down. Safety notices and signs should always be given attention and advice followed.

In accepting bookings for Centre Outings and Holidays, Centre Organisers assume that participating Members enjoy a reasonable amount of health, sufficient for them to fully participate in and enjoy the event. If any Member needs help from another person on regular basis — in walking or climbing stairs for instance - they must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will give help as required. Members with particular health or mobility problems should seek advice from the Outing or Holiday Organisers before booking. Organisers will always provide help in an emergency and if necessary call for trained and qualified assistance but it is impractical for them to be able to help as a routine requirement.

The Police Service has advised the Trust that it would be helpful if all persons on Outings could carry some form of identification and the name and contact details to be consulted in the unfortunate event of an accident or other emergency.



A note about car outings

We‘re a friendly and sociable lot and some of us do offer lifts to our events to other members. 

Thanks for that, it helps more members enjoy our activities. However, we need to understand that it will be a private arrangement between yourselves, particularly if you, as a driver, accept a contribution towards costs. 

It may be worth checking your car insurance conditions but that will be an individual choice. Julph Miers


                                                    2018 CAR OUTINGS  &  Reports

CAR OUTING TO THE WALLED GARDEN AT CROOME   -    Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 2.00pm  

Following Chris & Karen’s very interesting talk on the restoration of their walled garden, we have arranged a private tour around the garden with Chris, finishing with Karen’s homemade cakes.

 The total cost is £11 each. There are now a limited number of places left for this car outing.

Please, can you either telephone or email me for further details a.s.a.p. to secure your place on a first come, first served basis or even to join the reserve list. Those of you who have already reserved your place please send your cheque & booking form by March 31st.

                                 Ann Nye   tel. 01242 674107 or email ntjuan345@hotmail.com  

This outing is now fully booked, and applications can no longer be accepted.


Car outing to Hartpury . Keeping it Local, Tuesday, 1st May 2.00 p m

”Unusual.•  ”Different.•  Come on this car outing and see if you agree with me. 

Jim Chapman, a knowledgeable resident, and key to the development of the Hartpury Heritage Trust will lead an outing around a variety of important historical and environmental projects in Hartpury. The village is about 12 miles from Cheltenham and easily accessible by car.

Parking is available outside St Mary‘s Church, Corsend Road. Jim will show us around it first. It is a building full of interesting features the most obvious being the timber frame porch but inside a carving of a green man and an odd man covered in fish scales. .In the churchyard, we will walk past some historic gravestones to look at the extraordinary listed Bee Shelter originally sited at Nailsworth and rescued by the Trust. The Old Dominican Chapel, (again rescued from dereliction previously being used as a farm building), stands alongside the church. It has been restored and will be open to us. We may have our tea there.

 A short drive away enthusiasts have created the National Perry Pear Centre with its orchard of local heritage trees set in 5 acres of land. Its accompanying wetland nature reserve is complete with a bird hide. Jim will explain the background and there is space to roam and a possible option for tea and cakes in one of the small modern buildings where the pears are pressed to produce the perry. By choosing May, I hope the trees will be in blossom.

 If passengers and driver agree, The Royal Exchange, at Hartpury, opens at 12.00 and could be a stopover for your lunch. It provides sandwiches or more substantial meals.  Booking may be advisable. 

       Cost of the outing £8.   Full addresses and postcodes will be given when people book.
                                Deadline for booking or cancellation: Friday 30th March

                                   Julph Miers 01242 239242 julphmiers@gmail.com.

The booking form will be in the February newsletter and will be posted here after the newsletter has been published.




PLEASE NOTE that the insurance carried by The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre through the
National Trust does not provide Personal Accident cover for members aged 80 years and above. The Centre is not allowed by Government Statute to offer any advice about insurance but, of course, members in that category may wish to make their own arrangements.

Subject to the age limit, friends accompanying members to events who are not members of the Centre
but are members of the National Trust are covered by the insurance.

Members of The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre are informed that, for the purposes of record only, some details relating to their membership are stored electronically. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, it is necessary for all members to be advised of that fact. If you have any queries about what is stored please contact the hon. secretary and not the membership secretary. Please note the membership secretary does not store her records electronically but uses a card system which is outside the ambit of this legislation.

Please Note - The following comments apply to future Centre Holidays and Outings Members should note that these Outings, in common with all other Centre holidays, often include a substantial amount of walking, including steps and stairs. There are also times when Members will be required to find their own way back to the coach when it is parked in a different location from that at which they alighted. Members with Mobility or other health problems must, therefore, be able to look after themselves safely or be accompanied by a companion willing and able to help them when needed.

The Holiday organisers will be willing to help anyone in an emergency situation but are not able to give an inordinate amount of their time to any one person at the expense of the other Members of the Group.


                                                           Procedures for Centre Outings
It is assumed by the organisers of the Outings that participating members are fit and able to cope with the amount of walking that is involved in viewing the Properties visited. In many Properties, there are steps and stairs inside and outside of buildings and some are very old and worn. Although many have handrails, this is not always possible to provide.

Members with substantial walking problems should ensure that they are accompanied by a companion who is willing and able to help them as required. Participating members should also be able to find the location of the coach when it is not possible to pick up at the same point at which Members were dropped off earlier.

The organiser(s) will, of course, give whatever help they can to Members especially in an emergency, but are not able, and cannot be expected to provide an inordinate amount of attention to any particular Member. Advice if required can be obtained by contacting David or Adris Cooke Tel: 01453 765391 

      For further details of any of these Outings please apply to David Cooke 01453 765391

If you wish to book for any of these outings, complete the appropriate Booking Form, in the Newsletter,
remembering that the instructions for booking may well be different to those in previous years.

Please send to the Booking Address on the form and write a separate cheque for each booking. The Mobile Telephone number for the leader of each outing will be provided for use on the day of the outing only. Please remember to bring your NT Membership Card for free entry to NT Properties. Failure to do so may result in having to pay the full entrance fee.

Please Note :- The following notes apply to all future Centre Holidays and Outings

Members should note that these Outings, in common with all other Centre holidays, often include a substantial amount of walking, including steps and stairs. There are also times when Members will be required to find their own way back to the coach when it is parked in a different location from that at which they alighted. Members with Mobility or other health problems must, therefore, be able to look after themselves safely or be accompanied by a companion, willing and able to help them as and when needed.

The Holiday organisers will be willing to help anyone in an emergency situation but are not able to give an inordinate amount of their time to any one person at the expense of the other Members of the Group.


Coaches will be provided by Rover of Nailsworth, near Stroud, which is a well - established family coach company specializing in holidays in the UK and abroad and seasonal day trips. If you are interested in
learning more about the public services offered by Rover, their Brochure can be obtained by contacting their
office on 01453-832121 and at www.rovereuropean.co.uk
.      Pick up points for all outings will be as follows:
                             Nailsworth    -    the Nailsworth Bus Station;
                             Stroud          -    the Bus Station Merrywalks; 
                             Gloucester   -    Westgate Street, Opp. Folk Museum
                             Cheltenham -    Royal Well Bus Station.

All participating in these outings must be paid-up members of the Centre and participate at their own risk
. They are assumed to be in good health sufficient to be able to walk and climb steps and stairs as required. The NT ensures all members under the age of 80 against Public Liability risks and against
Accidental Injury, but members aged 80 and over are advised to have their own appropriate insurance.




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