2018 COACH OUTINGS + Reports

Please note that there is an update of the Health and Safety guidance on holidays and outings further down this page.  Please take time to read this.


NBPlease see the Volunteer vacancies page for a request for members to help with outings and holidays


Report of the outing to The National Star on Thursday, 19 March

Following a suggestion by committee member, Julph Miers, it was decided to ask the team at National Star if we could have a talk in our 2018- 2019 season about the foundation at Ullenwood which prepares young people with disabilities and learning difficulties for adulthood and supports them through that transition. Sally Gillespie, the area fund raising manager, agreed to speak at one of our meetings  and then later suggested that some of our members might like to join a supporters tour. This suggestion then developed into having lunch in the Star Bistro before the tour. When I received a positive response from members to these suggestions I went ahead with the arrangements - confirming the talk with Sally on Thursday 7th March, lunch at 12.30 pm and the tour at 1.30pm on Tuesday 19th March and, with one slight hitch, it all went ahead very successfully.

Sally gave us a most interesting presentation with vintage footage from their archives at our meeting. She explained how and why  National Star, or The Star Centre as it was then known, came into being  at Ullenwood Manor in 1967 and looked at how it had grown and developed into the successful charitable foundation it is today.

After a delicious lunch in the Star Bistro ( the bouillabaisse and pineapple tarte Tatin, my choice from a good selection on the menu, were both gorgeous) Catrin and Mary gave a fuller presentation before taking questions and then took us on a tour round National Star  facilities. They revealed how it has grown from providing specialist care for just 10 students in the first year to helping around 1,500 young people with disabilities to realise their aspirations through personalised development programmes. We learnt that the foundation now operates not only at Ullenwood but also in Gloucester, Malvern, Hereford and Mamhilad, in Wales. We had an inspiring afternoon in a most impressive place -  National Star! 

Jan Turner


Car outings revived!

Car trip to Llanthony Secunda 
Friday March 29th 11.00 a.m.

A car trip is to be organised to Llanthony Secunda Priory for a guided group tour. It is a former Augustinian priory in Gloucester It was founded in 1136 by Miles de Gloucester, 1st Earl of Hereford, as a retreat for the monks of Llanthony Priory, Vale of Ewyas, in what is now Monmouthshire, Wales, from persistent attacks by the local population.

Today the remaining standing buildings are mainly grade 1 listed. The site has recently been restored with Heritage Lottery Funds and is open mainly for visits by groups. It is located very near Gloucester docks with  the National Waterways Museum; Soldiers of Gloucester Museum; Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet Centre and Mariners Chapel for you to visit afterwards independently if you wish. 

Paid parking is at the Gloucester docks car parks. There are some disabled parking places on the site upon request. The number 10 bus from Cheltenham runs regularly past the dock and the site is about a ten minute walk away from both and involves slopes and steps. 

Details of the location of the car parks and priory will be provided to members who decide to apply to join the tour. No arrangements have been made for refreshments on site but there are many restaurants at the Outlet Centre and Waterways Museum. The tour will commence at 11.00 a.m. and the group will meet at the main entrance to the former priory building. The tour takes about one and a half hours. 

The cost of the tour is £5 per person and will only be run if the attendance is at least 15 individuals. If you are interested please complete the form and return it together with your cheque by the 23rd March.  Correspondence will be by email or phone. Please make your own arrangements for car sharing.

The booking form is here.

Bill Cronin organiser

billcronin@outlook.com or 01452 610871



Potential car outing to the Defford Airfield at Croome Park

At the recent Centre walking group walk at Croome Park there was a degree of interest in a possible walk at Defford Airfield, which is normally "out of bounds". The National Trust at Croome Park arranges guided walks at the airfield, and the details are here

It has been suggested that one of these walks might be suitable for  a car outing. All that is needed is for someone to volunteer to lead it! If anyone would like to do this, please contact me.

Peter Young, 01242 520459 or by email.


Outings are arranged for the benefit and enjoyment of Centre Members and their guests only.


Report of outing to Waddesdon Manor,  26 September, 2018

The morning of 29 September dawned with beautiful sunshine, when twenty-eight of us boarded the coach at Royal Well, joining four from Gloucester, and two each from Stroud and Nailsworth.  Our new driver, Dave, had all of the good humour, friendliness and skilled driving of our now-retired former driver Trevor.

 We were soon at Waddesdon Manor, and were told we would have timed tickets for entry to the house at 1:10, giving us all time to do a bit of pottering in the garden and having lunch.  On our way from the coach park to the house, we passed two splendid installations each side of the driveway, in the form of giant candlesticks, made from magnum bottles if Chateau Lafite, appropriate as Waddesdon was built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in 1889.

My friend and I had been to Waddesdon before, but there is so much to see there that a return visit is always worthwhile. As usual, the volunteers in the house were informative and answered all our questions. For some of us that left time to explore the grounds again, marked by splendid mass plantings, not least of yellow roses on the Parterre.

So back onto the coach, and a smooth return to our starting-points, with many thanks to David and Adris and to our driver Dave for yet another excellent outing.


Outings for 2019

David and Adris, with help from Julph and Bill, have kindly arranged these outings for 2019:

Tuesday 2nd April Lacock Village and Abbey (NT) (Member‘s request)

Thursday 9th May Cirencester and Buscot Park (NT) (led by Julph Miers)

Thursday 6th June Hereford and Hellens House, Much Marcle (Member‘s recommendation)

Tuesday 16th July Aylesbury and Ascott House (NT) (not the race course!)

Tuesday 20th August Tyntesfield (NT) (Member‘s request)  

Tuesday 17th September Hartlebury (recommended, arranged and led by Julph Miers)

Wednesday 16th October Free Day in Worcester (Led by Bill Cronin)


For detailed information on Lectures, see the link on left-hand side of this page.

                                                          Centre Coach Outings

              The following report is by David Cooke, our Coach Outings Organiser

After three years of organising Coach Outings for the Centre, I find that I am running short of National Trust venues to visit within a reasonable day‘s journey. I have therefore started to consider visits to privately owned properties of which there are a great number from which to choose. The downside is that, as we do not have free entry to privately owned properties, as we do for the National Trust ones. The charges for visits to private properties will be higher than perhaps to which we have become accustomed. Increased charges for the coach will also affect the overall charge for Outings. Against this background, I have nevertheless tried to keep charges as low as possible. I have also introduced some initiatives such as a visit to an interesting town followed by a visit to a nearby property and on one occasion in the Summer including a lunch at a nearby hotel before visiting a National Trust which, unusually, does not offer refreshments for visitors. The day visit to Wells in October was very well received and I have consequently planned to end the 2018 season with a trip to Winchester which, arguably, has even more attractions than Wells!
I and I know our Committee, much value the support Members give to Outings and I very much hope that you will continue to give us your usual support in 2019. 


Please Note - The following comments apply to future Centre Holidays and Outings


Members should be aware that all Centre Outings and Holidays, include a substantial amount of walking indoors and out of doors, and that seating is not always immediately available. In most buildings visited there are steps and stairs to negotiate to reach higher or lower levels of the buildings concerned. Most properties visited are old and floors can be uneven and passages dark and narrow. Out of doors particular care should be taken when viewing gardens especially if the weather is inclement when normally safe surfaces, especially steps can become slippery. Particular care should be taken near to water (lakes, ponds, water features etc) and bridges over water where banks may be unstable and slippery. Where handrails are provided they should be used for going upwards as well as down. Safety signs should always be given attention and advice followed.

In accepting bookings for Centre holidays and outings, Centre organisers assume that participating Members enjoy a reasonable amount of health, sufficient for them to fully participate in and enjoy the event. If any Member needs help from another person on a regular basis — in walking or in climbing stairs for instance — they must always be accompanied by a responsible adult who will give help as required. Members with particular health or mobility problems should seek advice from the Outings or Holidays organisers before booking. Organisers will always provide help in an emergency and if necessary call for trained and qualified assistance but it is impractical for them to be able to help as a routine requirement

The Police have advised the Trust that it would be helpful if all persons on Outings could carry some form of identification and the name and contact details of a person to be informed in the unfortunate event of an accident or other emergency.

Organisers will give additional health and safety advice directly to the group on an Outing or Holiday where it is not covered by the above. If you wish to have any further advice on Health and Safety issues in advance please contact:

David Cooke Tel: 01453 765391 Email: dwhcooke@talktalk.net  Tel: 01453 765391 or Adris Cooke 765391 Email: adriscooke@talktalk.net Tel: (sic) 01453 765391



PLEASE NOTE that the insurance carried by The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre through the
National Trust does not provide Personal Accident cover for members aged 90 years and above. The Centre is not allowed by Government Statute to offer any advice about insurance but, of course, members in that category may wish to make their own arrangements.

Subject to the age limit, friends accompanying members to events who are not members of the Centre
but are members of the National Trust are covered by the insurance.


Members of The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre are informed that, for the purposes of record only, some details relating to their membership are stored electronically. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, it is necessary for all members to be advised of that fact. If you have any queries about what is stored please contact the hon. secretary and not the membership secretary. Please note the membership secretary does not store her records electronically but uses a card system which is outside the ambit of this legislation.



If you wish to book for any of these outings, complete the appropriate Booking Form, in the Newsletter,
remembering that the instructions for booking may well be different to those in previous years.

Please send to the Booking Address on the form and write a separate cheque for each booking. The Mobile Telephone number for the leader of each outing will be provided for use on the day of the outing only. Please remember to bring your NT Membership Card for free entry to NT Properties. Failure to do so may result in having to pay the full entrance fee.


Coaches will be provided by Rover of Nailsworth, near Stroud, which is a well - established family coach company specializing in holidays in the UK and abroad and seasonal day trips. If you are interested in
learning more about the public services offered by Rover, their Brochure can be obtained by contacting their
office on 01453-832121 and at www.rovereuropean.co.uk
.      Pick up points for all outings will be as follows:
                             Nailsworth    -    the Nailsworth Bus Station;
                             Stroud          -    the Bus Station Merrywalks; 
                             Gloucester   -    Westgate Street, Opp. Folk Museum
                             Cheltenham -    Royal Well Bus Station.

All participating in these outings must be paid-up members of the Centre and participate at their own risk
. They are assumed to be in good health sufficient to be able to walk and climb steps and stairs as required. The NT ensures all members under the age of 80 against Public Liability risks and against
Accidental Injury, but members aged 80 and over are advised to have their own appropriate insurance.




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